Passionately Serve Students and Each Other

Students talk with a professor.

Goal 3: Passionately Serve Students and Each Other

The University will initiate programs and processes to ensure that we always deliver on our promise of being student-centered. We will also create a campus-wide culture for all University employees that is collaborative, supportive, and respectful.

Service is at the heart of the work of the Sisters of Mercy and the Society of Jesus. Building on our tradition of care for the whole person, we will intentionally recommit ourselves to serving the needs of students and all employees.

Our students should receive the high level of personalized support that is a core attribute of ϲʲͼ Mercy being a national private university. We will identify and enhance processes to eliminate barriers to providing excellent customer service to students, while simultaneously forging a culture of appreciation and accountability to those who serve our students.

Our employees should experience a campus culture that fosters a discerning environment where each unit becomes more integrated with other parts of the university and contributes to the growing health of the university.

Goal 3 Strategies

Strategy 3.1: Create a culture of exceptional customer service to students

Students deserve to experience exceptional and personalized service in all of their encounters on campus with food service, financial aid, public safety, the registrar’s office, athletics, the fitness center, the library, the student success center and all academic administrative offices. “The Titan Way” equates to providing high-quality service and support to each student. We value a diverse student population and extend a special welcome to all new students.

Strategy 3.2: Ensure that every student knows they are cared for

Central to the Mission of the University, we are committed to the intellectual, spiritual, ethical and social development of our students. Providing students with support to navigate the challenges and opportunities in life is consistent with our ϲʲͼ Mercy Catholic identity.

Strategy 3.3: Create a culture of respect and collaboration among employees

A campus community known for its service to students should also model a healthy and supportive
campus environment for employees. Embracing a campus work culture established on principles of mutual respect, civility, appreciation of diversity and diverse perspectives, healthy communication and effective conflict resolution, enables us to better serve each other and our students.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Levels of student satisfaction regarding service by using customer service feedback.
  • Levels of awareness and appreciation for the University’s mission and Jesuit and Mercy heritage among students by using University-wide student surveys.
  • Levels of employee satisfaction by using exit and stay interviews.
  • Employee retention and turnover rates.
  • Student retention rates for all student levels.

Action Plans

  • Initiate effective performance and feedback mechanisms.
  • Provide ongoing customer service training to all employees.
  • Establish a student ombudsman in each College/School.
  • Enhance advising, mentoring, and vocation development.
  • Develop a first-year experience course.
  • Support Wellness Center, Psychology Clinic, and Mental Health initiatives.
  • Enhance advising, mentoring and vocation development.
  • Reinforce the work of University Ministry.
  • Enhance the Student Success Center, Disability & Accessibility Services and Titan Success Network.
  • Expand and enhance the Center for Career & Professional Development.
  • Enhance International Student Services.
  • Expand and Enhance the Office for Mission Integration.
  • Expand and Enhance Human Resources Employee Training.
  • Create an Office of Diversity and Hire a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer to serve both students and employees.
  • Enhance employee satisfaction.
  • Enhance the employee recognition program.

Goal Three Implementation Plan

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