ADA Housing and Meal Plan Accommodations

ϲʲͼ offers housing and meal plan accommodation options for students with impairments who are in need of alternative housing and meal arrangements. Room accommodations for most students with disabilities can be accommodated through modifications to student rooms and/or staff education that is meant to meet the individual student's needs. All housing accommodation requests are made through Student Accessibility Services.

Residents with disabilities are requested to contact Student Accessibility Services, which is charged with coordinating the needs of students with disabilities among all university departments. Student Accessibility Services will make recommendations to the Office of Residence Life on how to accommodate the needs of each individual student. Housing accommodations do not guarantee a single room, requested building or roommate.

Facility Accommodation Forms

Students requiring specific facility accommodations are required to complete and submit the completed forms to Student Accessibility Services.

Housing Accommodation requests are reviewed on a rolling basis. Housing accommodation requests for the Fall semester are due to Student Accessibility Services no later than May 15 for returning students and July 15 for new students for occupancy and room availability reasons.

Meal Plan Accommodation

If a student is in need of a meal plan accommodation, they will be required to complete the Meal Plan Appeal/Meal Plan Accommodation form and submit the completed form to the Office of Residence Life no later than the second Friday of the semester.