Job Hazard Assessment (JHA)

A JHA (Job Hazard Assessment) is a dry run of a task to be performed.  It is a tool to help analyze the hazards associated with each step of a project so that the proper controls are implemented to eliminate or reduce any hazardous consequences.  This may also be used as a training mechanism or a way for students and employees to refresh their knowledge of equipment being used.

There are three parts to the JHA: task description/work steps, hazard identification, and hazard controls.  The task is broken down into steps.  Each step is analyzed for specific hazards like fire, electrical shock, slip/fall, burn, or mechanical failure.  Each hazard is analyzed to find ways to eliminate or reduce the hazard, which could be anything from wearing protective gear to working in a clean/dry workspace.  The lab supervisor or the environmental coordinator should approve these forms before submitting them.

Please email to submit JHA forms or if you have any questions.