Website and Biography Request

Use this form to request

  • updates to ϲʲͼ Mercy websites
  • create or update biographical information for your profile page on the website
  • report a technical problem

The Marketing & Communications Department (MarCom) will email you if we need more details, cannot complete the request or have completed the request.

Thank you!

Updating a web page may include:

  • Update copy/text
  • Add a video
  • Add, remove or replace an image
  • Add, remove or replace a document

Requesting a document is reviewed for accessibility

  • PDF and Word documents should never be used for ordinary content. In other words, if content can be presented as part of a web page, it should be. But if you must publish a Word or PDF file to the website, it must still legally meet all accessibility requirements.
  • Each department is responsible for their own Word or PDF documents. You may remediate them yourself or outsource them to a third party for remediation.
  • No documents will be posted to the website unless they meet any and all accessibility requirements.

Requesting a video

When you request a video, MarCom will reach out to you to meet and discuss the details. You may be asked to coordinate times, as well as students and staff for interviews. The project may take 4-6 weeks, depending on your availability and type of video.