Students of Concern

two hands made of words relating to student concern

College can be a very stressful time, and at ϲʲͼ Mercy, many students face difficult academic and personal challenges, as they venture through the rigorous academic environment and the increase of responsibility. The Office of the Dean of Students is committed to the growth of well-rounded and healthy individuals by providing information and resources for faculty, students, and parents.

Once such resource is the form below to be completed by any member of the university community that may have concerns for a student who may be struggling with academic, personal or emotional difficulties or who may be exhibiting concerning behavior.

The information provided is privileged and confidential, intended solely for the Office of Dean of Students and/or Behavioral Intervention Team/Committee. Any dissemination, distribution, or copy of this communication is strictly prohibited.

All submissions will be reviewed by a designated administrator in the Office of Dean of Students. If you would like to speak with someone regarding a student of concern, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students at 313-993-1028.

Reports are processed by the Office of the Dean of Students during business hours only. If there is an imminent threat to anyone's personal safety or if there is an emergency in progress, please DO NOT FILE A REPORT until after having first called Public Safety at 313-993-1234 (or x1234 from a campus landline)