Career Center Answers for Parents

Mother with her student daughter.

Expect Job-Hunting Help, Not Placement

Some students think the career center will get them a job. In other words, place them. The Center for Career & Professional Development is not a placement agency, and our career development facilitators are not recruiters. More realistically, working with the CCPD will help in developing the skills and contacts necessary to begin a career in your student's chosen major.

Expect to be shown, not told

No one can tell a student what major or career to pursue. The Center for Career & Professional Development will assist students in locating information that allows them to explore majors and careers that might be a good fit.

List of companies in the area who are hiring

Your student may request a list of all the companies in the area that are hiring. How could any campus career center develop such a list? The CCPD offers an online recruitment system (TitanCareerLink) where employers post their hiring needs. Most postings are listed for at least thirty (30) days, but employers can and do post positions that expire in as little as two to three days.

Expect that the staff has limits

While the CCPD staff makes every effort to meet with students on a walk-in basis, there are times that it may be unrealistic. Therefore, students may need to make an appointment to meet with a career development facilitator. Unfortunately, the Center for Career & Professional Development cannot provide personal job search services. But, if your student is willing to develop a career plan and accept the assistance offered by the CCPD then the transition from college to work can be a success.